Madera Sagrada / Sacred Wood - Ibogaine Treatment and Iboga Ceremonies in Spain

Welcome to La Madera Sagrada (Sacred Wood),

We give psycho spiritual  iboga ceremonies and ibogaine treatment for drug addiction in Órgiva, Alpujarra, Sierra Nevada, Spain.

Our website is currently under construction but should be online soon.

We have upcoming ceremonies at the end of each month, in January, February and March 2020.

The retreats last 5 days, of which 2 will be the main ceremony and the rest either preparation or integration.

This is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual death and rebirth process on many levels and the journey will continue for several months after this ceremony.

At the beginning of each month we will be accepting people with drug addiction or needing more one on one care for a longer period of 10-12 days. This includes an addiction busting dose of ibogaine and a psycho spiritual dose of total alkaloid / iboga.

We will be supporting this work with many important adjuncts, that will aid the process including meditation, yoga, diet, exercise, breathwork and sweat lodges.

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General Information on Ibogaine:

What is Ibogaine ?

Ibogaine is a psychedelic compound derived from iboga; a west African plant used in local shamanic ceremonies. It has been famously hailed as the “Addiction Stopper”. Spectacular results reported by many formerly addicted people, it’s especially well known for providing a pain free detox from opiates that leaves the formerly addicted person with little or no cravings for their drug of choice after the experience. It was discovered by accident by a New York heroin addict in the 60’s and has been spreading through underground addict self-help networks since then.

Sounds like bullshit. Are you a snake oil salesman ?

Yeah it does sound too good to be true, but it works. It worked on me and I’ve seen its jaw dropping results on dozens of people in several clinics I’ve worked in over the past 4 years.

Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Here are some good places to start: ICEERS, MAPS, Global Ibogaine Alliance and YouTube Documentary “Rite of Passage – Ibogaine”

Here’s how it does its thing :

  1. Ibogaine taken 8 hours after last dose of a short acting opiate (heroin, morphine, oxys). Or a week after the last stimulant or alcohol use. Does not help with benzo withdrawal.

  2. Withdrawal symptoms subside rapidly as the ibogaine resets the opiate, serotonin and dopamine receptor sites. What this means is that you experience a reduction in withdrawal symptoms (typically 90-100%) - like pushing “factory reset” on your body chemistry

  3. About 45 minutes after ingestion starts the visionary journey, typically a dream like experience. Reports of people having deep personal insights into behavioural patterns and past traumas are typical. Many people have said this helped to heal them of PTSD, depression, anxiety & more.

  4. The strong part of the visionary experience typically lasts around 6-8 hours but can still be ongoing over the following 14 hours (although to a much lesser extent)

  5. The following day (or two) is known as “the grey day” and while no longer tripping the ibogaine continues to do its reset. More deep insights reported during this time.

  6. The ibogaine converts into noribogaine which stays in the system, resetting and protecting the receptor sites and body chemistry for a longer term (thought to be 3-6months).

  7. A turning point is reached, often described as feeling; reborn, reset, and seeing the world with fresh eyes. Feeling emotional balanced, vibrant and well.

  8. Decreased need for sleep in the days and weeks following ibogaine

  9. For many people that is all they need. For others, especially longer-term addicts or those that were on long acting opiates such as methadone or Subutex, may need a top up dose and some micro doses to administer over the coming weeks.

  10. For 3-6 months after ibogaine it becomes easier to grow new neural pathways due to the release of Neurotrophic Factors (NFs), such as GDNF and BDNF. Making it easier to reprogram yourself. Your chance to RECREATE YOURSELF and reprogram your mind

The Dangers

  • Ibogaine can be lethal if used incorrectly. But this is extremely unlikely with proper screening, care and administration. For this reason, it is HIGHLY recommended that you only do this with an experienced provider.

  • The heart is a concern with ibogaine. We won’t go into the details of this here, but you can find out with a few simple tests whether you are a subtle candidate for this work. Even if you aren’t suitable for a flood dose, micro doses can still be used in most cases.

  • Benzos must not be stopped during an ibogaine flood. This can cause seizures.

  • Ibogaine uses a lot of electrolytes, so it’s important to make sure that you bring your electrolyte levels into the sweet spot. Can be corrected with supplements. A blood panel test will show this.

  • Ibogaine doesn’t mix well with other psych meds including anti-depressants, especially those that are centrally acting work on serotonin or metabolised by certain enzymes.

  • Many people with these conditions or who are on certain medications can often still do ibogaine, but adjustments may be made to the process or certain medications suspended during the work. It’s best to be totally honest, often there is a way to work around any health concerns.

Nah mate, still can’t see it working, I’ve dropped acid before, and it never got me off the smack

It’s not acid, we aren’t taking it at a rave, this is something different and is approached in a different way. Not all psychedelics are equal and not all preform the same functions. Although other psychedelics do have their own healing properties too, maximum benefit can only be achieved if approached correctly

How do I get some ? How much does it cost ?

In many countries ibogaine is classed as a schedule 1 or class A drug. But in several countries, such as Mexico, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Canada it is recognised as a medicine. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want it and put pressure on governments to keep it illegal as it is a threat to the mega bucks they earn from the current opiate replacement programs and the revolving rehab doors.

In some countries it is totally unregulated, such as Spain and Portugal. And some brave souls willing to run the risks of operating in countries where it’s illegal and carries the threat of a prison sentence.

It’s hard to do this work in less than a week. Many centres refuse to take anyone for less than 10-14 days. A safe place to stay for after your detox is advised as the experience continues to develop.

A trained team is required. Usually a medical professional with ACLS is advised.

As such most treatment centres using ibogaine range in the $4-6000 dollar/euro range. Although psycho-spiritual experiences can be had with iboga rootbark for as low as 500 (not suitable for drug addiction). This sounds expensive but consider the expertise involved, the effect achieved and that a standard rehab will charge that per week (and doesn’t even work), you will see it’s well worth it.

If this cost is prohibitive to you, then still approach the centres. Often a deal can be struck to fill an empty bed, or part exchange for skills. Costs can be reduced when several people undergo treatment together. The owners of many centres are compassionate people who want to help.

This work is typically carried out by formerly addicted people and healthcare professionals frustrated with the current offerings of the pharmaceutical industry and the standard 12step and CBT rehab programs. These people are trying to make it as accessible as possible to as many people as they can but without any government funding or support they are in a difficult position.

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